Podere Anima Mundi, Bad girls go everywhere

Podere Anima Mundi, Bad Girls go everywhere

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Podere Anima Mundi, Bad Girls go everywhere

Type Red
Country Italy


Varietal Ciliegiolo
Vintage 2020
ABV 11.5%
Size 1L
Colour Ruby Red

Crowd pleaser wine, especially in the large format bottle! Glou Glou style. Bright, light and fun! Strawberry, cherry, plum, hint of spice. Drink slightly chilled to really tingle those tastebuds.

Food Pairing


On the outskirts of a coastal city made famous for its infamously leaning tower, an estate called ‘Anima Mundi’ crafts wines that follow the task levied by its name, that is, wines which bespeak an interconnectedness and a broad, generous picture of a particular vineyard’s harmony.

“Anima Mundi” is the idea of an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, often compared to the same idea of the relation between soul and body. For Podere Anima Mundi, this is at the heart of their endeavors: to facilitate the transparency of all the living things that make up their own vineyard into your glass and thereby your gut, into you, this other living thing.

It may seem a bit heady or over the top at first, but then you learn about the vigneronne behind the project: Marta Sierota. Originally from Poland and France, Marta earned a PhD in Philosophy before moving to the Tuscan countryside and deciding to take up a life of viticultural implementation of the philosophic impulse.

Practicing biodynamic in accordance with the lunar cycles, Marta produces exclusively monovarietal bottlings to best demonstrate the terroir of the Pisan hillsides, where salty Tyrrhenan Sea air will often bathe the Tuscan vines in maritime influence.

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