Gravner Ribolla ‘Anfora’ Orange Wine

Gravner Ribolla ‘Anfora’

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Gravner Ribolla ‘Anfora’

Type Orange
Country Italy
Region Friuli/Collio

Ribbola Gialla



ABV 15.5%
Size 750ml
Colour Deep intense yellow
Taste The godfather of this sh*t, if you want complex, holla. Hard to describe for people. Been described as otherworldly. Plays with all your senses. Just try this sh*t and you will not be disappointed. Tell us what you think.
Food Pairing

Vitello Tonnato

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon


Many words have been used to describe Josko Gravner: pioneer, maverick, visionary, legend. But perhaps the word that captures his philosophymost succinctly is honesty.

In his way of speaking, in his respect for the land and the vines in his care, in the expression of the grape through the wine.

It was a desire for honesty that led him to abandon ultra-modern winemaking, which had brought him fame in the 1970s.

After much research, he came to adopt the ancient practice of fermentation in amphora with long periods of skin maceration, and he gave the wines extended barrel ageing before release. The wines are serious and contemplative yet graceful, defying easy characterisation.

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