Monthly Wine Subscription

Boujee Box - Monthly Subscription

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Tired of drinking the same old sh*t every week?

Want to learn more about wine and also food???

We are now offering you the chance to join a very exclusive clubhouse!

We will send you a surprise package of 3 very different and unique wines to get your teeth into each month!

White, red, pink, orange, fizzy bubbly, natural, organic, we really like to mix things up!

Each wine comes with our very own tasting notes and you will also learn about where the delicious juice you are drinking comes from!

You will also receive exclusive food pairings which will include a full recipe, recipe video and even a takeaway pairing for when you are feeling lazy but still want to drink great wine!

If you are buying this as a gift (best gift ever), please make sure to make a note so we can include a card on your behalf!
Free shipping!

Delivered to your door!

Or your workplace, if you drink on the job!

Or your garden? Man, we don't really care where, but we will deliver it there!

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