Meinklang, Weisser Mulatschak

Meinklang, Weisser Mulatschak

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Meinklang, Weisser Mulatschak

Type Orange
Country Austria


Varietal Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Welschriesling
Vintage 2021
ABV 11.5%
Size 750ml
Colour Cloudy Orange
Taste Creamy, mineral, aromatic! Explosion of flavour with peach, pear, mandarin prominent and a nice grapefruit acidity. Playful in your mouth with light tannic grip and a super finish. 
Food Pairing


 At Meinklang, wine is not made in a prescriptive way or manipulated to meet expectations, but they are consistently delicious.

This farm is home to three generations of the Michlits family and also to vines, cows, fruit trees, flowers, weeds, insects...

A holistic system in which every element is interconnected. From the lighter, easy-going blends up to the more serious varietal reds – including the wild, unpruned ‘Graupert’ – the wines are joyful, layered and complex.

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