Léon Boesch Riesling Les Grandes Lignes White Wine

Léon Boesch Riesling Les Grandes Lignes

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Léon Boesch Riesling Les Grandes Lignes

Type White
Country France

Alsace/La Vallée Noble


100% Riesling

Vintage 2018
ABV 12%
Size 750ml
Colour  Pale Gold
Taste Delicious wine with gingerbread notes, rhubarb & ripe citrus fruits that are cosseted by good acidity typical in a Riesling but with added depth and a saline hint on the long finish.
Food Pairing

Salted almonds


Beef Curry

Sweet and sour Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

Thai Fried Rice

Buffalo Wings


Matthieu and Marie Boesch are the 11th generation to take charge of the domaine, which has been in the hands of the family since 1640.

25yo vines planted in sandstone-clay soil above a limestone bedrock, the really long row (hence the cuvée name) are on an east facing hillside.

Nestled in the Noble Valley in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges natural park, it is protected from storms by the Petit and Grand Ballon (1267 and 1427 meters). 

This valley is an arena of about 4 km in diameter, sheltered from the prevailing winds where we observe ascending currents that caress our vineyard hillsides. 

Our vineyard benefits from a favorable climate, they colonize the hillsides 2 kilometers around, up to 450 meters above sea level.

Our Estate has 14.5 hectares of vines, including 2.7 in the Zinnkoepflé classified Grand Cru, 4 in the Breitenberg, 1.6 in the Clos Zwingel and 1.1 in the Luss hill, which we market entirely under our own label. . The family farm employs 6 people, as well as many occasional helpers when it comes to pruning and green work.

The quality of the wine is built in the vineyard! It is with the greatest affection that throughout the year we take care of our vines, so that they give the best of themselves. 

They are totally plowed, the treatments are done with Bordeaux mixture, sulphur, clays, herbal teas and plant preparations. 

We feed our vines with compost produced by us. This in accordance with the Charter of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture Demeter.

During the harvest, about twenty people join us. We pick the grapes exclusively by hand, in a joyful atmosphere that celebrates the wine to come. The grapes are gently pressed for 8 to 12 hours, in order to extract all the material and the aromas. The juices flow by gravity into the cellar where they will slowly ferment with their own yeast. The wines are aged in old oak casks for the whites and barrels for the reds. We add a little sulfur before bottling, it's the only product we use. It protects the wine and guarantees its conservation.

A cellar door adorns our labels. This is the entrance to our cellar which is a woven straw door. 

The heritage of an 18th century know-how that can only be found in our valley. 

Originality of our house, it is the emblem. Since 1640 in the Noble Valley, the Domaine had settled in Soultzmatt in a former tithe house in the early 1800s.

Since 1996 the bottles have been stored and marketed in Westhalten. 

In 2010, we created a new underground cellar with limestone blocks and fashioned a bioclimatic building with a wooden structure, straw insulation and green roofs.


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