Koppitsch, Perspektive Weiss White Wine

Koppitsch, Perspektive Weiss

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Koppitsch, Perspektive Weiss

Type White


Region Burgenland
Varietal Chardonnay/Weissburgunder
Vintage 2020
ABV 11%
Size 750ml
Colour Cloudy Lemon

Complex, mineral, exotic flavours all day. Mango, pineapple, white peach, lemon, beautiful acidity and decent finish.

Food Pairing



Prawn Salad


Alexander and Maria Koppitsch began making wine in Burgenland in 2011. They took over their parents 5.5 hectare winery and moved from selling their grapes into making their own wine. The vineyards are in the Neusiedl am See, a small village situated at the shores of the Neusidl Lake and a the eastern end of the Leitha Mountains which feature soft, rolling hills of mostly limestone soil.

Like his father and grandfather before him, Alex does not believe in introducing any additives into the grapes or the wine. They use Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles to cultivate their grapes, and pride themselves on performing every aspect of the vineyard management and the winemaking by hand, on a very small scale.

They make two distinct lines of wine, the Authentisch wines, which are more forthright and easy to drink, and receive a light filtering and a small addition of sulfur, as well as the more complex wines in the Unfiltered line, which take longer to ferment and have zero addition of sulfur.

PERSPEKTIVE has the focus on rock type and not on a particular texture. it’s all about LIMESTONE here.

When it comes to natural wine – the closer you look the more flavors and aromas you get – the more corners and edges you might find. Natural wine puts wine itself into a different perspective (understanding wine in the same context as the average wine drinker does – mainstream wines).

Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested and destemmed. They leave the wine unpressed for a few hours and then press the juice into old barrels. The wine ferments on the gross lees with zero additives. The wine matures in barrel for one year, after which it is bottled unfined, unfiltered, and with a small addition of sulfur.



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