Jamsheed Beechworth Rousanne

Jamsheed Beechworth Rousanne

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Jamsheed Beechworth Rousanne

Type Orange


Region Victoria
Varietal Rousanne
Vintage 2018
ABV 13.5%
Size 750ml
Colour Bright yellow

Full bodied, full mouth feel, smoky, silky, lemon and apple. Savoury and fresh with great length

Food Pairing

Lamb Tagine

Crab Thermidor

Boujee Beans on Toast

Crab Cakes

Squash Quesadillas


The winery takes its name from Jamsheed, a Persian king who used to store fresh grapes in jars over winter where they would inevitably spontaneously ferment and be set aside as ‘poison’. 

One of King Jamsheed’s harem, despairing of frequent migraines, chose to commit suicide by drinking from a poisoned jar. She woke to find herself miraculously cured, informed her king who was most pleased and set about making many jars of ‘poison’ or wine. 

Gary Mills, the winemaker behind Jamsheed, began his wine career in the vineyards of Margaret River. A five week vintage posting at Ridge Vineyards in California turned into a 2 year full-time position under the tutelage of winemaker Paul Draper. From there, Gary went on to work in Oregon and various other regions in Australia.

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