Fidora, Valpolicella Ripasso, Monte Tabor

Fidora, Valpolicella Ripasso, Monte Tabor

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Fidora, Valpolicella Ripasso, Monte Tabor

Type Red
Country Italy


Varietal 65%  Corvina, 25% Corvinone, 10% Rondinella
Vintage 2018
ABV 14%
Size 750ml
Colour Ruby Red
Taste Rich, with ripe velvety tannins, flavours of black cherry, red fruits but all harmoniously balanced with a back tone of leather and hint of spice.
Food Pairing

Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder


The vineyards are located on the hills, in the valley of Illasi.

Taking a base Valpolicella from the same vineyard area, this wine then undergoes a second fermentation that is started because of the addition of the grape pommace of fermented Amarone, that are still full of sugars.

These kick off the second fermentation but also add colour and flavour and texture.

The Fidora family are now into their fourth generation of wine producers.

In 1974, Guido Fidora decided to convert the family business to organic farming.

In the 70’s people had completely lost touch with how they all used to grow wines before all of the chemicals they were now using ever existed.

For nearly a century chemicals have been promoted as the best and fairest way to grow a crop. So to turn to organic farming without any guidelines, they very much had to learn as they worked the land.

Tenuta Civranetta, which is one of four estates owned by the Fidora family, is one of the oldest examples of an environment cultivated with organic farming in Italy and is the oldest in the region of Veneto.

His grandson Emilio, now at the helm of the estate, continued Guido’s legacy and converted the farm to biodynamic. Their respect for the land, environment and tradition shows in their wines that are pure and genuine.

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