Domaine Bobinet Piak! White

Domaine Bobinet Piak! White

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Domaine Bobinet Piak! White

Type White


Region Loire/Saumur/Vin de France
Varietal 100% Cabernet Franc
Vintage 2021
ABV 12.5%
Size 750ml
Colour Cloudy Lemon

Super aromatic, fresh, juicy and round. Red fruits, lemon notes, pear, peach and green apple with lovely acidity. Too easy to drink.

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Domaine Bobinet came into being in 2002 when Sébastien's maternal grandparents gave him two hectares of vineyards in Saumur, in the Loire Valley (France) and he decided to create his own winemaking project under the influence of natural vignerons such as Olivier Cousin.

However, Domaine Bobinet really began to take off when Emeline, a former dancer and sommelier by training, became a partner in the project. It was then that they acquired more vineyards and decided to try other varieties in addition to Cabernet franc and Chenin, with the constant concern of maintaining sustainable, healthy and ethical activity as a starting point.

In addition, Sebastian's attraction to carbonic maceration led them straight to Bernard Pontonnier, one of the first sommeliers to introduce natural wine to their lists.

In the field, Sebastian manages the viticulture side of the business. A 100% organic work where old Cabernet franc vines are cultivated to produce Domaine Bobinet Piak! Blanc.

This is a blanc de noir which comes naturally from a blend of the most basic grapes of the domaine.

In the winery, Emeline is primarily responsible for winemaking. The grapes go through a direct press and after a short carbonic maceration, the wine remains for 3 months in vats with its lees.

A white wine made from red grapes, Domaine Bobinet Piak! Blanc is a surprising and delicious blanc de noir. A thirst quencher for when the mouth is too dry and the onomatopoeia "Piak!" sounds.

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