Moraza, Rioja Soplar Red Wine

Moraza, Rioja Soplar

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Moraza, Rioja Soplar

Type Red



La Rioja Alta

Varietal Tempranillo
Vintage 2018
ABV 12%
Size 750ml
Colour Pale Purple
Taste Medium bodied naturally made Rioja! Rare! Surprisingly not funky! Fresh, vibrant, energetic, electric, cherries being prominent, with raspberry and rhubarb. Drink about 12c!
Food Pairing

 Chicken Gyros

Ricotta Pan con Tomate

Croque Monsieur



Bodegas Moraza has been in the Moraza family for six generations, but it was when Janire Moraza convinced her father and uncle to convert their 18 hectares of land to organic farming techniques that things got truly interesting.

Today, the varietal wines produced by Janire and Patricio come from vines located amid thriving biodiversity in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Rioja Alta.

Unlike many modern Riojas, tailored to an international market, Bodegas Moraza uses purely traditional methods, resulting in fresh, oak less and authentic characteristics. Rather than mix grapes from different estates to produce the familiar taste of conventional Rioja, the wines are the result of the complexity of the terroir. The local Rioja vines are highly sensitive to their environment, affected by factors such as climate, altitude, local biodiversity and levels of sunlight. This means that the delicate balance between these factors can lead to different expressions in the wines themselves. - Dynamic Vines

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