Mark Haisma Bourgogne Rouge

Mark Haisma Bourgogne Rouge

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Mark Haisma Bourgogne Rouge

Type Red
Country France

Burgundy/CÔTE DOR


Pinot Noir

Vintage 2017
Size 750ml
Colour  Ruby
Taste Dry, medium acidity, good tannins and structure, dark cherry fruit.
Food Pairing

Sesame Seared Tuna 

Satay Chicken 

Duck Spring Rolls

Won Ton Soup

Pad Thai

Tandoori Chicken


Mark Haisma does not make predictable wine. He does not aim for consistency, orfamiliarity, or safety when he makes wine. He is obsessive about vine quality, vicious about interventionist winemaking and, by his own admission, a pain to be with during vintage. 

A wine science degree was of no use to him with its emphasis on irrigation formulae, fertiliser application schedules and mass market production techniques so instead he trained under the legendary Dr Bailey Carrodus at Yarra Yering in Australia’s Yarra Valley, a man famous for tipping entire vintages down the drain if they did not meet his exacting standards. 

Mark makes wine with the intention of transporting the drinker to another place. These wines are true expressions of Burgundy terroir: very fine and linear with excellent balance and length.

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