Marcobarba Barbarossa Red Wine

Marcobarba Barbarossa

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Marcobarba Barbarossa

Type Red
Country Italy


Varietal Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Raboso
Vintage 2020
ABV 12%
Size 750ml



Pulpy and succulent, fruit-driven and joyful, easy-drinking and juicy... as Enrico our supplier says!

Medium bodied, fresh, plum, dried cherry & dark fruits on the nose and all over your palate, earthy, leather, liquorice, bit of funk, nice acidity and ripe tannins make this a well rounded bottle you will really enjoy drinking!

Food Pairing

Spaghetti Bolognese



Marco “Barba”, grown up in Madonna di Lonigo, near Vicenza, is the heart (and the face, if you check the label closely) of the Marcobarba project.

Since his youth, as soon as he finished the mandatory studies, he began working as a carpenter, but he soon discovered a deep interest for biodynamic agriculture and Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. He’s thus moved in the Jura canton of Switzerland, to work as a shepherd and  agricultural farmer.

In 2015, returned to Veneto, he began working with his friend Stefano Menti in the latter’s family winery. Thanks to the enologic experiences accumulated in the Menti Wiery, he started, in his free time, to produce some wine from the grapes of several vineyards he managed on behalf of a few elderly widows in his native town.

In the following years, with the help of a few friends he met during the years working at Menti, Marco improved the agronomic aspects of his wine production, and since 2018, driven by their passion for biodynamic agriculture and their respect for nature, Marco and his close knit team of  “Barbaboyz” have launched the adventure of the Marcobarba brand, with the goal to produce pure grapes from which they derive straightforward, genuine wines. Or, just like Marco, to make them coarse and irreverent, with a big heart.

Marco and the Barbaboyz’ winemaking and bottling is done in the Menti Giovanni Winery.

They produce only a sparkling white and a red, both vinified as simply as possible, because, as they say, “enjoying a glass of wine is like working in the vineyard: a moment of happiness.”

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