About us

We’re just two best friends from Dublin, Michael and Simon, who want to share with the rest of the country what we love about booze and food!
Having worked in some top restaurants in Ireland and the UK we decided to team up to try and share the wine, beer and food we love with the rest of the country!
We really hope through our favourite beverage choices,homemade recipes and takeaway pairings we can help you enjoy the food and wine available on this beautiful island of ours a little bit more!
We must all take advantage of it!
We have hand selected, and had the pleasure of tasting, only the finest made wines we could find.
Preferring to use wines from smaller family style vineyards with a focus on natural and organic winemaking!
We have also tried to stay in touch with the classical wines for all you old fogies out there, so we firmly believe we have something for everybody!
We spend a lot of focus on finding wines we believe match beautifully with Ireland's favourite foods, but also to try and show off some interesting new flavours!
Having worked in some of the best restaurants across Ireland and the UK, food and wine is always at the forefront of our thoughts!
We believe there is so much to explore in this area and that we are constantly learning ourselves!
With that in mind we also love to share our findings with people and hear their thoughts and reactions!When they agree with our pairings and get to taste how delicious things can be, it makes our learning all the more worthwhile!
We have a huge range of homecooked recipes, all paired with a wine available on our website, but we have also focused on takeaway and snack pairings too, so our guests are covered no matter what they are eating!