Grilled Artichoke Hearts with Aioli
An awesome snack or appetizer to stand around with friends and pick at while you're waiting for your amazing main course to finish in the oven!
Earthy and full of flavour, grilling adds a delicious smokiness, dipped into roasted garlic aioli, everyone will be screaming for more! These artichoke hearts will steal everyone's heart, aawwww cute!!!!
Serves like 6
Baked Hake Curry
I love an ole fish curry and I also loves me some Hake.
I remember a time in my early teenage years I laughed at reading Fish Curry on a menu but decided to try it and never looked back. There is just something beautiful about a well cooked flaky fish immersed in a sauce made with such depth and strong flavours. I would only ever serve this with rice but you do you!
Serves 4
Wine Pairing - Sous Le Vegetal Octave
Inspired by Jamie Oliver.
Easy dish and another home staple classic!
Much better when made from scratch instead of buying packet s**te.
Another winter warmer comfort food we love and use as much cheese as you possibly can!
Also lasts forever in the freezer if you don't manage to finish it all! What better way to make an easy dinner than reheating your frozen lasagne!
Serves 12
Spaghetti Bolognese
Everyone grew up eating Spaghetti Bolognese, or Spag Bol as our American friends call it.
I remember tasting Parmesan cheese for the very first time atop a bowl of this stuff! I said it before, my mother would cook it on a Monday and that would almost be dinner for the rest of the week. I think she just didn't know how to measure the amount of pasta to cook and ended up making enough for the Brady Bunch and their extended family.
Either way it is a classic dish that is super easy to make.
Serves 4
Duck a l'orange
Another French classic to go with a banging red Cotes du Rhone. We took inspiration for this mainly from Jacques Perrin’s 2011 book. Mainly because he knows that 2 ducks are better than one.
Serves 4
Tuna Sashimi
Japanese delight. Soy, miso, ginger, sesame, banging combinations.Get yo chopsticks ready.
Serves 4
Boujee Fish & Chips
British classic recipe but we do love it over here too. Possibly the only thing British my Dad wouldn't moan about.
My missus would destroy a bowl of mushy peas in a heartbeat to go alongside. It cannot be served without mushy peas. We take it to a level that might sound weird and love a cheesy mushy pea. Call us weird or wrong but don’t knock it til you try it. Then call us weird or wrong, we won’t really care. 
Serves 4
Chicken a la Gaston Gerard
Also known as Dijon Chicken, this dish dates back to 1930’s France. We love all things Francais and dishes like this in particular. Our inspiration for this recipe came directly from
Serves 4
Salpicon de Mariscos
A Venezuelan style seafood salad which was colonised from 16th century Spain. Ingredients need to be fresh. Did someone shout summer in your ear? A rose wine banger of a dish. 
Serves 4
Padron Peppers
Spanish classic dish. Again super simple but super delicious. A tapas staple, an unusual thing to see as a snack in an Irish house, so again, we are here for you to impress your mates! Or you mother to impress the ladies from the golf club, or your dad his boss, you get it. They will think you are oh so cultured. Also it is fun to play padron roulette, as every so often, one of them is a hidden killer of heat!
Serves 4
Feta and Beetroot Salad
We love a good salad! Especially when our mothers come for dinner. It shows were looking after ourselves and are mature, not just necking beers and bbqing meats. We have also paired this with our favourite f*cking rose! It is truly amazing. Summer’s day salad and banging rose, what else could you want!
Serves 4
Madras Curry
We love everything as you’ve probably seen by now. Well maybe you’re only reading this recipe first and you don’t know. Anyway. An Indian house favourite we like ours with Chicken because chicken is the food of the gods.
Serves 4
Pronounce it however the f*ck you like to. Couldn’t get more simple. My blind goldfish could make this. It is still delicious though and a summer winner for a group with a lovely bottle! Especially the delightful pink wine we stock!
Serves 4
BBQ Pork Loin
We do love a pork tenderloin. To be honest, there is a really really delicious one pre marinated from Supervalu. We still much prefer our Boujee Pork Loin though.Inspired by Jamie oliver, we went with his BBQ sauce recipe too! 
Serves 4
Seafood Pie
Another winter warmer we love. I used to tend to bring the Cully and Sully versions of this to the office and the smell from the microwave would tear down people’s Friday feeling. But they were all chicken fillet roll w**kers so who cares. My mother loves sharing this with me and it is so goddamn comforting. My fiance doesn't like smokey fish in it for example so choose what suits yourself. 
Serves 4
Crab Cakes
Any music friends out there know the song “Ben’s my friend”?
Little crab cakes!!!!
A baller recipe we learned through, and Martin Wishart to be precise.
Serves 4
Cod with herb and lemon crust
Healthy fish and chips. Just as delicious. Fresh and crispy, great flavour combos. WInner. Super easy too. 
Serves 4
Fresh and healthy salad style dish.
Can be a side or if you just want to destroy a bowl of it, a main course. 
Serves 4
Coda ala Vaccinara
I was shown this dish by a friend in Rome and I havent had it since.He used to have it all the time growing up he said.
I think my love for and constant mention of Oxtail Cupa Soup brought about the honour of me getting to taste this dish. Imagine that.
Now, I tried finding recipes for it and only came across one I could actually understand! So thank you to for the recipe which tasted quite like the dish that I remember!
Serves 2 hungry people
Vitello Tonnato
Italy’s most popular cold small plate, or so they say.
I remember the first time I heard of this and I was like what the f*ck. How does that work?But it does. Very well at that. 
I’d be eating it with my hands at the pass at the end of the night. 
Takes some patience this, but worth it.
A lot of Irish people strangely have never had this so it could be a fun thing to serve.Makes you look like you know what you’re talking about.
Served alongside one of our favourite ever wines.
Serves 4
Pici all’Aglione
You might notice from our recipes that we f*cking love garlic!
This recipe may as well be called garlic pasta.
My god is it delicious.
Traditional Tuscan dish to go with a delicious wine from the same region!
We make the pasta ourselves and you can just use your kitchen roller if you don’t have a pasta machine.
Serves 4