STEFANO AMERIGHI Sangiovese ‘Botte Secrete’

STEFANO AMERIGHI Sangiovese ‘Botte Secrete’ x VIN DE POTES

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STEFANO AMERIGHI Sangiovese ‘Botte Secrete’ x VIN DE POTES

Type Red
Country Italy
Region Tuscany/Cortona


Vintage 2018
ABV 13.5%
Size 750ml
Colour Cherry

Light, Smooth, Slick, Juicy as hell, Medium bodied but banging in taste. Red Fruits all over your face. Basically it is delicious

Food Pairing

pici all’aglione

Beef Curry


 The Cortona DOC in the east of Tuscany is proving to be a real game-changer for syrah, with Amerighi at the forefront.

After intensive research he identified the perfect location for his vines: two south-west facing hills of sandy silt and chalk.

Working biodynamically in the fields and traditionally in the cellar, including crushing the grapes by foot, his wines have a perfumed elegance that belies their power.

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