Roberta Fugatti Marzemino

Roberta Fugatti, Marzemino

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Roberta Fugatti, Marzemino

Type Red
Country Italy

Trentino Alto Adige

Varietal Marzemino
Vintage 2019
ABV 12.5%
Size 750ml
Colour Ruby Red
Taste Lively light to medium bodied red with flavours of pomegranate, blackberry & blueberry! Fresh & juicy with a silky mouthfeel! 
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Ever since the Roman period, the area has been a link between the Mediterranean Sea and the trade routes that went up through the Alps. The multitude of castles and fortresses built along the Adige river stand witnesses of the valley’s importance throughout the centuries. It is here, in the tiny DOC of Valdadige ‘Terra dei Forte’, land of forts,  that Roberta alongside her sister Cristina and brother Giuseppe, created Roberta Fugatti Winery, the sister company of the beloved Azienda Agricola Roeno, founded by their father Rolando over half a century ago.

Roberta Fugatti focuses on rare native grapes, producing single varietal and single vineyard wines in the middle of two mountain systems. Shaped by glaciers during the quaternary era, this narrow valley with steep hills provides a heterogeneous climate. 

Cool winters and warm summers, lake wind and the diurnal shift provide ultimate growing conditions while the diverse soils of the sandy river banks, clay valley soil and gravelly fossil rich mountain slopes create a great home for their vines.

Biodiversity preservation is an integral part of the vineyard. Roberta Fugatti uses green manure, no chemical treatments and no pesticides, dedicated to their land and the traditions surrounding. 

The Roberta Fugatti collection is a pure expression of native grapes and unique terroir of Terradeiforte.  Her single varietals of Pinot Grigio, Gewurztraminer, Teraldago and Marzemino, the favourite wine of Mozart’s mentioned in his Don Giovanni opera, are crafted with love, authentic to the region, with a quality that shines.

Roberta Fugatti wines are ‘Made in Italy’, gorgeous in taste and style, reminding us of the parallels between fashion and wine. Dive into a bottle and catch a glimpse of the similarities, savouring the understated charm of this woman-driven wine.

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