Domaine Bobinet Piak! Red

Domaine Bobinet Piak! Red

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Domaine Bobinet Piak! Red

Type Red


Region Loire/Saumur/Vin de France
Varietal Grolleau
Vintage 2021
ABV 11%
Size 750ml
Colour Garnet with a purple hue. 

Super fresh and juicy but pleasantly rich. Bang of red fruits, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, little bit of cola, violet, undergrowth earthy tones. 

Food Pairing

Tapas - Such as olives, hummus, falafel

Black Pudding and Apple Sausage Rolls


Domaine Bobinet came into being in 2002 when Sébastien's maternal grandparents gave him two hectares of vineyards in Saumur, in the Loire Valley (France) and he decided to create his own winemaking project under the influence of natural vignerons such as Olivier Cousin.

However, Domaine Bobinet really began to take off when Emeline, a former dancer and sommelier by training, became a partner in the project. It was then that they acquired more vineyards and decided to try other varieties in addition to Cabernet franc and Chenin, with the constant concern of maintaining sustainable, healthy and ethical activity as a starting point.

In addition, Sebastian's attraction to carbonic maceration led them straight to Bernard Pontonnier, one of the first sommeliers to introduce natural wine to their lists.

Today, using a very common technique in the winery, they produce wines such as this Domaine Bobinet Piak! Rouge. A red wine made from 35-year-old Grolleau vines planted in clay-limestone soils and organically farmed. The grapes are harvested by hand at the optimum moment of ripeness and transferred to the winery in 20 kg boxes. A historic cellar dug into the hillside of Saumur where the grapes are selected, destemmed and macerated for 15 days. The wine is then aged for 1 month in fiberglass tanks and bottled unfiltered and unclarified.

Under the name Piak! the onomatopoeia sound the mouth makes when it’s really too dry, Domaine Bobinet Piak! Rouge is a natural, fresh, gourmand red wine which is really thirst-quenching. Quite the satiating pleasure.

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