Cantina Annesanti, Rosato Umbria Frizzante IGT ‘Raspato&

Cantina Annesanti, Rosato Umbria Frizzante IGT ‘Raspato'

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Cantina Annesanti, Rosato Umbria Frizzante IGT ‘Raspato

Type Rose/Pet Nat
Country Italy

Umbria, Valnerina

Varietal Sangiovese/Aleatico
Vintage 2020
ABV 11.5%
Size 750ml
Colour Pale Pink with a rich foam
Taste Fresh, lively, gently sparkling, grapefruit, blood orange, green apple, plenty of acidity giving it a long and super clean finish. 
Food Pairing

Japanese Salmon



The family-run company consists of about twenty hectares of land in the municipality of Arrone, a few kilometers from the Marmore Falls, in the heart of the Valnerina.
Born from the property of Francesco Annesanti's grandparents, like almost all peasant properties of the past, which aimed at self-sufficiency, it also incorporates, in addition to the vines, land cultivated with olive trees and arable land for the production of cereals and legumes.
After graduating in Natural Sciences and having completed various work experiences, in 2012, Francesco undertook the renovation of the family stable to create a cellar for the production of wine.
Always interested in the non-sectorial way of structuring the farm of the past, where the farmer was in tune with nature and respected its rhythms, Francesco follows the dictates of biodynamics, attentive to all those delicate balances that exist between man , animals and plants. Young and very promising winemaker, who in a few years, thanks to an experimental and uncompromising approach, became part of those who represent, in the Valnerina, a quality viticulture, Francesco produces wines capable of giving voice to his innate artistic flair , with a faithful approach to the most authentic and genuine peasant traditions, filtered through a completely modern awareness and a great personal sensitivity.
Francesco's wine production therefore preserves an ancestral heritage, with spontaneous fermentations without the addition of yeasts, maceration on the skins even for whites, use of terracotta amphorae, conservation of wines in demijohns, minimal use of sulphites and bottling without filtration.
Ultimately, Francesco's goal is not simply to produce and sell wine, rather all his work is aimed at creating, through the wine itself, a network that promotes and enhances art, history, traditions. and the sense of belonging to a unique territory such as Valnerina: “I will be satisfied only when, by opening a bottle of my wine, I will be able to“ smell ”the scent that this land gives off in spring, at sunset.

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