Bulli, Colli Piacentini Malvasia Secca Frizzante

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Bulli, Colli Piacentini Malvasia Secca Frizzante

Type Fizzy Bubbly
Country Italy


Varietal Malvasia
Vintage NV
ABV 12%
Size 750ml
Colour Straw Yellow
Taste Crisp, fresh & light sparkling wine, floral & yeasty on the nose with flavours of citrus, almond, white peach and little minerality! It is a great wine for any time of year and pairs great with a lot of food!
Food Pairing


Malvasia Secca Sparkling from the Bulli winery is the white that best represents the Colli Piacentini tradition. It is produced with Malvasia di Candia grapes, a particular clone of this vine of Greek origin, widespread throughout the Mediterranean, which has a particularly intense, rich and soft aromatic profile . It is a variety that has been cultivated for centuries in the province of Piacenza, above all to make sparkling wines with a fresh and lively character. Its characteristic floral, citrus, ripe fruit and almond aromas give the wine an extraordinary pleasant taste, accompanied by a delicate and soft foam, which makes it easy and joyful to drink.

The white Malvasia Secca Sparkling is the great wine of the Colli Piacentini area, the one that best tells its story and customs. The Bulli winery offers a sparkling version of Malvasia di Candia, with a typically artisanal character, which recalls the flavors of the past. It is a lively wine, made in a simple way, starting from healthy and quality grapes, grown in vineyards managed in harmony with the environment, without the use of chemical principles. The work in the cellar takes place with the utmost respect for the raw material, trying to enhance the quality of the grapes without invasive oenological interventions and with minimal use of sulfur dioxide. This philosophy gives rise to sincere and genuine wines, capable of expressing the authentic taste of a territory.

The sparkling Malvasia Secca wine from the Bulli winery in Piacenza is produced with Malvasia di Candia grapes, which come from vineyards facing south-east, grown on soils mainly composed of sand and red clay. It is made with the Ancestral Method, the oldest process for producing sparkling wines, which involves refermentation in the bottle without dégorgement. In the glass it has a straw yellow color, with a typical haze of sur lie wines. The aromas are intense and rich, with notes of white flowers, aromas of citrus fruits, white fruit, tropical hints, nuances of bread crust and yeasts. The sip is broad and satisfying with a particularly harmonious fruit, which stretches towards a dry and savory finish, with great gustatory freshness

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