Madras Curry
We love everything as you’ve probably seen by now. Well maybe you’re only reading this recipe first and you don’t know. Anyway. An Indian house favourite! We like ours with Chicken because chicken is the food of the gods.
Serves 4
Pronounce it however the f*ck you like to. Couldn’t get more simple. My blind goldfish could make this. It is still delicious though and a summer winner for a group with a lovely bottle! Especially the delightful pink wine we stock!
Serves 4
BBQ Pork Loin
We do love a pork tenderloin. To be honest, there is a really really delicious one pre marinated from Supervalu. We still much prefer our Boujee Pork Loin though. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, we went with his BBQ sauce recipe too! 
Serves 4
Seafood Pie
Another winter warmer we love. I used to tend to bring the Cully and Sully versions of this to the office and the smell from the microwave would tear down people’s Friday feeling. But they were all chicken fillet roll w**kers so who cares. My mother loves sharing this with me and it is so goddamn comforting. My fiance doesn't like smokey fish in it for example so choose what suits yourself. 
Serves 4
Crab Cakes
Any music friends out there know the song “Ben’s my friend”?
Little crab cakes!!!!
A baller recipe we learned through, and Martin Wishart to be precise.
Serves 4
Cod with herb and lemon crust
Healthy fish and chips. Just as delicious. Fresh and crispy, great flavour combos. WInner. Super easy too. 
Serves 4
Fresh and healthy salad style dish.
Can be a side or if you just want to destroy a bowl of it, a main course. 
Serves 4
Coda ala Vaccinara
I was shown this dish by a friend in Rome and I havent had it since.He used to have it all the time growing up he said.
I think my love for and constant mention of Oxtail Cupa Soup brought about the honour of me getting to taste this dish. Imagine that.
Now, I tried finding recipes for it and only came across one I could actually understand! So thank you to for the recipe which tasted quite like the dish that I remember!
Serves 2 hungry people
Vitello Tonnato
Italy’s most popular cold small plate, or so they say.
I remember the first time I heard of this and I was like what the f*ck. How does that work?But it does. Very well at that. 
I’d be eating it with my hands at the pass at the end of the night. 
Takes some patience this, but worth it.
A lot of Irish people strangely have never had this so it could be a fun thing to serve.Makes you look like you know what you’re talking about.
Served alongside one of our favourite ever wines.
Serves 4
Pici all’Aglione
You might notice from our recipes that we f*cking love garlic!
This recipe may as well be called garlic pasta.
My god is it delicious.
Traditional Tuscan dish to go with a delicious wine from the same region!
We make the pasta ourselves and you can just use your kitchen roller if you don’t have a pasta machine.
Serves 4
Another traditional regional dish to match the wine of the same region! 
This time we are in Trentino Alto Adige.
Very similar to Austrian Knodel, served in a beef broth they are another lovely winter warmer!
Serves 6
Braised Beef Agnolotti
Piedmontese dish to pair with a Piedmontese wine.
Nothing better than an agnolotti! 
We learned this recipe online from Gourmet traveller and we have loved it ever since!!!
Serves 4
Bagna Cauda
Traditional Piedmont dish which literally translates to “hot bath”.
Pungent garlic and anchovy dip.
Traditionally eaten as part of a Christmas eve buffet!
Any kinds of different veg, cooked or raw, can be used and dipped into the sauce.
We like to take inspiration from our fritto misto recipe too and tempura some veg to dip in also!
Serves 4
“Fagioli all’uccelletto” Tuscan baked beans
A tuscan dish to go with a beautiful Tuscan wine!
Another Boujee version of Baked Beans!
Suitable for all you vegans out there, just substitute the butter for 40ml olive oil and ignore the parmesan!
Super rich, comforting, delicious.
Serves 4 
Fritto Misto
Mixed fried sh*t. Literally what it means. Fish, veg, even meat in some variations.
A platter to be served sharing style.
Fresh ingredients as always are key here.
Get to your fishmonger.
Serves 4 - 6
Crispy Egg with Asparagus
A great dish for any time of the day we came across on great British chefs website. Recipe by Robert Thompson. 
Serves 4
Maple Smoked Duck Breast
Maple Smoked Duck Breast
This recipe was done on our Kamado BBQ! There are other ways of getting that smokey flavour through the duck using electric smokers, tinfoil makeshift smokers, but we’re lucky enough to have a big kamado and love using it!
Serves 4
Simon’s favourite. This and chicken fillet rolls.
Everyone loves carbonara. It’s like spaghetti bolognese. 
Growing up in Ireland, our mothers thought making bolognese was exotic. 
Never mind carbonara. That was Boujee for my mother. 
We’d get a large pot of bolognese cooked on a Monday and it would last us til Thursday.
So mother, if you’re reading, learn this recipe.
To go vegetarian just remove the Pancetta!!
Serves 4
Inspired by our favourite rat.
Remy of course. A warming delicious veggie dinner.
And it’s very pretty!
Serves 6
Wine Pairing - Broc Cellars Love Red
Scallop Ceviche
Another super easy ceviche. 
Summer bliss.
Serves 4